Monday, September 26, 2022

How to earn money using WiFi in Nepal | Honeygain in Nepal

How to earn money using WiFi in Nepal | Honeygain in Nepal

 Hey,do you want to earn money online in Nepal using Wifi and devices like mobile & laptop. then you should definitely read it till the end.Genuinely there are lots of opportunities to earn online if you have some skills,technical knowledge or any type of service that you can sell online.

But there are very less ideas and methods to earn if you do not have any proper skillsets and services. Now Earning has made easy with Wifi in this modern age.

Among the such various app one of the famous is Honeygain.Its absolutely free to use and ads free.There is nothing to do in this app,you just have to install the app in mobile/laptop device and it will work on its own flow.

About Honeygain App

Honeygain is the first ever app that help users to make money by sharing unused internet connection.It has made the earning money passive because you don't need to do anything else.Honeygain used the unused internet and pays you passively.

User Data 

Honeygain don't gather any user data.The only data that Honeygain have is email which you used while signing up.

How much you Earn 

You will earn $1 for each 10GB of data.You can add your multiple devices in the app.If you used one device 24hrs a day then its not tough to earn $50 per month without doing anything.


Don't be afraid doing this because at last you are making money without doing anything. or doing nothing.The minimum payout that Honeygain currently provide is $20 which is equal to 20000 credit in app.Are you afraid thinking that gosh after how many years it will be 20000 credit in my app. Don't worry because you will get 5000 credit initially while sign up as bonus and beside this you can claim credit daily from 10 to 5000 credit.It depends on luck.Then what are you thinking of : Download it 


Beside all of this you can earn 10% of the referral income as bonus from the daily earning of your referral.

Payment Proof 

Long time back I hade completed my payout threshold and withdrawn $20 as bitcoin in my bitcoin wallet.

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