Monday, December 20, 2021

My Old Home

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        MY OLD HOME 

                             MY OLD HOME 
My old home is a short story written by lu-xun who is short story writer, essayist, and translator of china. He is known as the father of modern Chinese litreture. My old home is a story about writer's memories from youth to middle age. The story deals about the conflict between memories and the realities. The story describes how the writer feels while being aways from home for many years. Upon arriving long past home his memories are forced to come to confront with reality. His prior conception and understanding of the world come into conflict with its realities. 

The narrator of the story return to his home town after 20 years during cold weather. He had memories of his village inside his mind. But when he arrived the reality was different. The condition of the village was miserable which was completely different from his expectations. He wanted to leave his hometown permanently. So he arrived there to take his mother and nephew. He wanted to migrate his work place. His mother's and eight years old nephew were waiting in his hometown. He found that his friend during his youth were transformed into old. The remembered the green watermelon field where he and his friend Runtu used to play.

He remembered childhood activities like catching fish shells and birds. The narrator found that the life of Runtu was miserable. His lifestyle was as same as in the past. He had been suffering from poverty from the beginning of his life. According to the narrator the life of the people of village area was not improved because of I'll mechanism of the state. The narrator gave household goods to his friend Runtu while leaving his hometown. During the departure Runtu and his son came to visit the narrator and gave some dry peas. It shows true friendship between Runtu and Narrator. 

The story has shown the clear picture of Rural areas of china comparing with its glorious past and the memories of the childhood of the narrator. 

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