Sunday, February 21, 2021

Summary of the poem "Corona Says" written by Vishnu S. Rai

Class 11    English Book         Literature Section        lesson 1 
Corona Says          Summary

The poem “Corona Says” written by Vishnu S. Rai depicts the critical situation of corona virus in the world. It makes us realise that corona virus didn't come itself but it was invited due to industrialization, modernization, organization, pollution and different human activities.

In the poem Corona virus itself is a speaker. It addressed the human beings asking them not to cry as crush the virus. It says that it doesn't come on the earth because of its free will but because of different  human activities on the earth. It's says that it is invited due to man's activities pollution on the earth. It complains to the human beings saying that they only count the death people due to the corona virus. But never count the people due to theirs wars on the earth. It means human beings only think the responsible to corona virus but not for themselves.

The people of the world think themselves the creator of everything. They don't give value to other creatures like birds, water animals, insects and trees they think that all other creatures are slaves to them and they can kill or shell to them. In reality, human being are not realising the importance of other creatures on the earth. So, they are facing different pandemic.

The corona says not to blame it for the critical situation in the world. It's says, it had come to the earth to show human beings how clean the blue sky looks without the pollution of human beings. It also wants to realize the humans how cage animals feel in a zoo putting humans lock inside their home during lock down. It also says that it also comes to earth to give a rest to earth from different human activities.

At last, Corona warns people not to think earth as sole property of human beings. They must realize that all living creatures survive on the earth. It says that if human beings will continue their misdeeds, pollution etc on the earth though it will depart but many others viruses will emerged on the earth. And they have to leave back to the cage as ancient time.