About Us

πŸ‘️Netra Kenspeckle Circle

πŸ‘️Netra Kenspeckle Circle is the website exist publicly on surface internet.Anyone can visit and can read the articles and post from our site.

We provide articles and post on different dynamic categories like of biography,International Date,National dates and events,Technology,News,Stories,Biography, and so many trending topics.

In this category we post the biography of actor,actress,celebrity they can be filmy celebrity or political.We write about them.We prioritize mainly the rising stars who are hidden and can't capture by others.

International Date and National Dates.
As we know many International Dates and National Dates are observe and celebrate for someone for something.We write about this and provide information about the upcoming events.

We also cover some quick news regarding the education,technology and many more which help to others to be helped by us.

We also write the stories which impacts on you and bring some changes within every person.

As we know many of us face various problems in the field of technology in Nepal.So we try to solve such burning problems and make you happy.

In the context of Nepal,many of things and persone become viral and trend on social media in short period of time so we try to covers such topic and provide you some information regarding such trending.