Monday, February 22, 2021

Explaining one of the stanza of the poem "Corona Says" by Vishnu S. Rai

 Grade 11 compulsory English Section-2  Poem chapter 1: Corona Says.  writer: Vishnu S. Rai

Explain the following


I will depart one day 

But remember

There are many others like me.

They'll come too.

If you don't get rid of your inflated ego

You'll be back to the cave time.

That you endured

Long Long Long ago

Ans:- The given lines are taken from the poem "corona says" by Vishnu S. Rai. In the poem the corona as the speaker warns the human beings of the world saying that it has not come on the earth through its free will but invited because of human ill-activities. It says that one day it will depart from the earth but if human beings continue their mis-behaviours, ill activities, pollution, etc. on the earth different pandemic will come, to ruin the human lives in different forms. It also warns the human beings to get rid of their inflated ego. If they don't give up their ego they have to stay inside the home a cage life as long long ago they used to line in the cave. Overall the virus suggests the human beings not to think other creatures as slaves and exploit the nature. Rather the human beings should conserve and pressure the earth to get rid from many pandemics.

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