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ECOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENT | Forester Without Diplomas | Unit 7 Exercise | Grade 11 English

 ECOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENT | Forester Without Diplomas | Unit 7 Exercise | Grade 11 English 

Unit 7



Forester Without Diplomas

Ways with words.

A. Match the words with their meanings.

a) Constituency = electoral district

b) pursue  = to follow in an effort to overtake or capture

c) infiltrate = to enter or gain access to (an organization, places, etc) secretly and


d) nomadic = living the life of roaming

e) anatomy = art of studying the different parts of any organized body

f) subversive = seeking or intended to overthrow an established system or institution


Answer these question.

a) What did Maathai decide to do for the community?

ans:- Maathai decided to create jobs to the community.

b) Mention the problems faced by women in Kenya.

ans:- Women were facing the problems of firewood, malnutrition, lack of food and adequate water,unemployment, soil erosion etc.

c) Why did the speaker go to the women to talk about planting trees?

ans:- The speaker went to the women to talk about planting trees to stop such problems of lack of firewood, building and fencing materials, soil erosion and protecting the water system.

d) What is the most important achievement of the movement described in the text.

ans:- The women were independent had acquired knowledge and techniques had become empower.They had learned teaching each other.

e) Why were the foresters ways not helpful to the women for planting trees?

ans:- The foresters ways were not helpful to the women for planting trees because foresters have the diplomas and they have complicative ways to describe or deal with a very simple thing like looking for seeds and planting trees.

f) When and how did she start the Green Belt Movement?

ans:- She started the Green Belt Movement on World Environment Day, June 5, 1997 by planting first 7 trees.

g) Why do the donors want to provide money to the women?

ans:- The donors want to provide money to the women because the efforts are providing results.

h) What happened when the speaker criticized the political leadership?

ans:- When the speaker critized the political leadership she had been portrayed as subversive.

i) Mention the agencies that supported her movement?

ans:- The agencies that supported her in movement are

-The UNDF for women

-The Danish Voluntary Fund

-The NAID (Norwegian Agency for International Development)

-The African Development Foundation


A. Do you think that the title "Forester without Diplomas" is suitable to be essay? How?

ans:- Yes,the title "Foresters without Diplomas: is suitable to be essay because the womens who were in the movement were without any degrees.The whole essay is about the appreciation and empowerment of womens in kenya who had started the "Green Belt Movement".

In the beginning some womens started to run the  campaign as a bigger movement worldwide.Foresters with diplomas teach them in complicated way because they have diplomas.Foresters teach and deal withthe simple things like selecting seeds and planting tress in very complicated way.Due to this womens started to deal with such by just using common sense,They were able to look for seeds in the neighborhood and learn to recognize the seedings as they germinate when seeds fall on the ground women do not have to wait for anybody to grow tree.

They became capable of growing trees and planting them.They didn't have any degree but simply use their common sense while working.They learnt to enhance their skills and knowledge gradually and finally got success in the Green Belt Movement which was started on World Environment Day just by planting first seven trees.They are real foresters without diplomas.


b)Can a person make a difference in a society? Discuss with an example from a person who have made difference in your society.

ans:- Its sounds so abnormal that a person make a difference in a society but its not impossible.We can turn back and see many example in history.One person with good goal,vision,planning and proper methodology to implement can bring a wide range of change in a society if got supports  and help from the group of people with same thought.

If we take example,Mahatma Gandhi of India,a normal person who totally succeed to overcome the problem of Indian Citizens from British Colonization.He succeed because of this proper planning along with support and help from normal citizens all over country.Mahatma Gandhi is one who got international recognization due to his small initialization and greater success.Similarly,Mr.Nirmal Khadka is also one who live in my society as my neighbor.He helps to bring proper sanitation and . cleanliness in society by conducting various program and campaign.He is idea creator and initializer but it takes the proper path when he got support and help from the villagers and normal citizens.Starting from nothing now he has got recognization in whole society because he started the simple but very good work of conducting cleaning campaign every saturday with his some friends but slowly he got supports from all around and many people join with them.